Through a portal part 5

At the other site of the portal, they found Jake fiddling with a book. The book looked an awful lot like the book they found in Portal Forest, apart from a lock like the ones people have on their secret diary. “Jake” said Susie “what are you doing”. “I’m trying to open this lock” answers Jake “have a hair pin?”. “Yes” said Susie pulling a hair pin out of Molly’s hair and handing it to Jake. “Hay that’s mine” said Molly her long black hair was all messed up. Susie had to promise to do it back up when she found a hair brush. Mean while Jake had finished picking the lock on the book and was looking through it. “Theres a book at the end of every portal” Jake read aloud, before being cut of by a loud shriek from Susie, as she looked down at her clothes. “What happened to my jeans” she squealed. Now that they had noticed, they where all in super hero clothing with capes. “Where super heroes” said molly making a super hero pose.

through a portal part 6

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