Through a portal part 1

Molly went to answer the door. “Susie come on in” said Molly, Susie and Molly walked down to the living room and decided what to play with Jake. They decided to play Marco Polo. Susie was Marco, Jake helped her put on the blind fold. “Marco” said Susie “Polo” said Molly and Jake. Then a portal thing appeared behind Molly as she dodged Susie, but Susie kept walking forward strait into the portal. Jake sore the portal and pulled Molly in with him.

At the other side they found Susie siting on the grass reading a book. “Susie” said Molly “Yes” answered Susie with out looking up from her book, “where are we” said Molly while she held onto Jakes hand, Susie shut her book and stood up “well according to this book where in portal woods” answered Susie as she linked arms with Molly. “I cant see any portals” said Jake as they walked deeper into the woods “now I can” said Jake again. Susie stopped and opened her book and said more so to her self then the others “now where is it”.

Though a portal part 2

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